Mozzarella – Fior di latte

Taglio Napoli

From careful research to provide innovative products for the professional sector, the “Mozzarella Fior di Latte – Taglio Napoli” is born: ideal for highlighting Neapolitan pizza cooked in a traditional wood oven. A product that combines traditional dairy art with the most recent culinary needs. The cut into thick strips helps to increase the yield and to create the same effect as a hand-cut fiordilatte. The clean and savory taste is the key to an experience to repeat.

Pizza heaven

Taglio Napoli

Is there the perfect pizza? Yes, yes, only the right ingredients are needed. In addition to the dough, to obtain a light and crumbly pizza at the right point, we need a non-greasy mozzarella fiordilatte, ready to use and capable of guaranteeing excellent visual performance.​

Product Detalis

Taglio Napoli

In many countries of the world the consumer’s need to eat a pizza “as they do it in Naples”. But what are the characteristics of a product like those that are baked in the capital of pizza? A complete answer would be too long, but there are some common traits and one of these is the flavor and distribution of mozzarella, the fiordilatte made with fresh cow’s milk, cut in a certain way and not always distributed evenly on the pizza. This is the “Naples cut”, this is the product that will make your pizzas real ambassadors of Italianness!

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